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 CNBLUE Accused of Plagiarism

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'๑' Blue Generations - CNBLUE '๑'
'๑' Blue Generations - CNBLUE '๑'

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PostSubject: CNBLUE Accused of Plagiarism   2010-01-22, 5:08 pm

The new group caught in the plagiarism doubt, CNBLUE's management strongly rejected the plagiarism doubt and revealed they will take a firm action.

CNBLUE's agency FNC Music refused the plagiarism doubt by stating through their official press release "The point that the song 'I'm a loner' is similar is ridiculous. If an issue of plagiarism comes up because of these reasons, then all the songs for the mass public won't be free from the plagiarism scandal. Recently, a famous singer appeared on a variety show and made a hit by singing various songs in one cord. Then does this mean he plagiarized all those songs that he sang?"

They also added "We've never heard of the group Ynot and their song "Blue bird" until now and so it is impossible for us to even have referenced that song. We are hurt by the K-pop's reality that wrecks the career of passionate young musicians who have just debuted and receiving good responses."

The agency also added "While the national mass public is flowing in one direction with dance music, especially with idol dance music, we are producing new musicians with passion for band music, energy and skills. We pride ourself in that we are trying hard to add balance to our music culture, but other side is throwing dirt at us."

Following, they revealed their firm stance "We are worried that there might be those who believe in this netizens' scheme to bring down the song 'I'm a loner' even though it is not true. If they ruin CNBLUE's reputation by claiming what is not true as the truth or use aggressive words or expressions, we will make them pay for it accordingly."

Finally, they warned "plagiarism is only plagiarism if the court rules so. We'll also deal with the press that uses such word following a one-sided source."

The recently popular CNBLUE's debut song 'I'm a loner' is in a heated plagiarism scandal with Indie band Ynot's digital single 'Green Apple' song 'Blue Bird' that was released May of 2008.

To this matter, FNC Music expressed their discontent "the band at issue has said in an interview with one press they were cautious not to have people be suspicious of them trying to do 'noise marketing.' So if they really didn't want to be suspected for noise marketing, then they should have presented the issue to the composer or the producer first. Why did they go to the press first? If they are trying to increase their popularity by using CNBLUE's fame, they should be responsible for that as well."

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CNBLUE Accused of Plagiarism
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